Host: Aaron Rittmaster
Panel: Chris Carroll, Paul Hajjar, Steve Bratton, CJ Fragola, Mark Pratt

In Episode 11, the panel discusses the Disney Vacation Club. We compare DVC to other time-share programs and discuss the benets of DVC membership for Walt Disney World fans. After Steve Bratton takes the hotseat for 10 Questions, the panel talks about the options for purchasing DVC contracts. I preview my short-notice September Walt Disney World vacation, and we close the episode with the panel oering their choices for favorite DVC Resort (hint: Boardwalk Inn and Bay Lake Towers were the top two vote-getters).

DVC is really too big of a topic for a single podcast episode. For more information about DVC ownership (in addition to official Disney sources of information), check out:

  • The DVC Life blog (Katie’s a little behind, but it’s chock full of great information)
  • DVC News – a fan-driven site about all things DVC.
  • MouseOwners – a discussion board for DVC owners (which also includes a board for people interested in renting DVC points from existing members).
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