Host: AJRitz
Panelists: theduck619, Disney Commando, DisDadDoc, carlnix30

Episode 3 features not one, but two separate segments about the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. It opens with a discussion of touring strategies for the MK, and closes with the panelists sharing their Top 3 Magic Kingdom rides. In between, Disney Commando took his turn on the 10 Questions hot seat and DisDadDoc shared a preview of his upcoming Easter week trip to Walt Disney World.

Special thanks this week to prattpak, for handling the initial editing and our Podcast producer Josh Haas. We gave them a more dicult editing job than usual this time, and they still made us sound smarter than we are in real life. Josh also created our intro music. The podcast was edited and mixed at Pi Productions by A Veil Lifted.

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