LIVE from the DISDads Club Convention 2013: Episode 62

So, we ran a little late trying to sort out the technical issues. And we didn’t really have a topic (but hey, we have t- shirts that say we’ve been off-topic since 2007). But we had a great time broadcasting live from the “Bachelor Pad” at Old Key West Resort at Walt Disney World last night.

Thanks to Carl Finsel, Chris Carrol, and Scott Stradtman for letting us use their room as a recording studio. Thanks to Tim Beloin in the room next door for not calling in any noise complaints. Thanks to all of the live podcast attendees, including: Randall Hiebert (and his very own Cinderella), Don Staten, Eric Anderson, Paul Einselen, Joe Masters (and his very own Ariel), Justin West and Barry Sommer. (I’m sure I’m forgetting someone there – just let me know and I’ll edit this post). Special thanks to Mark Pratt and Joshua Haas for making the technical part of it work. And thank you to all of our listeners last night, especially those who calling in via Skype and kept the show moving. And, of course, a special thanks to Nathan Trent, our roving reporter, who got took us along live for a ride on Space Mountain!

If you couldn’t listen last night, here’s the show, in its full, unedited form – enjoy!

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