Host: Aaron Rittmaster

Panel: Adam Dale; Don Donfris; Eric Anderson

In Episode 75 we continue our irregular series of podcasts about “hidden gems” in and around the Walt Disney World Resort. Here, we continue by exploring the hidden gems in the Epcot theme park and in Epcot-area resort hotels. One of the hidden gems we discuss are the phone boxes in the UK and Canada. If you want to try calling Epcot, here are the phone numbers (reminder: the UK phone boxes were out of order when we tried to call them this past week. But we were able to get through to the Canada line – it just took multiple attempts).

  • UK Right Phone Box: 407-0827-9861
  • UK Center Box: 407-827-9863
  • UK Left Phone Box: 407-827-9862
  • Canada Phone Box: 407-827-9884

Tell us about your favorite hidden gems in the Epcot area

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