Host – Aaron Rittmaster
Panel – Dave Compton; James Goodman Special Guest – David Platt

In Episode 31, the DISDads Podcast headed West, for our rst extensive discussion of “the mother ship” – Disneyland. Because it was our rst discussion of Disneyland, we took a birds-eye view of the Resort, and discussed it from the perspective of what a Walt Disney World fan should know about the park that started it all. Aaron and returning panelists Dave and James were joined by special guest David Platt. David was one of those guys who never really understood the Disney Parks obsession — until he visited this past April and saw Disneyland through the eyes of his 4-year-old daughter. David shared the experiences that made him an instant DISDad, from the minute his daughter ran up to hug Mickey during Toontown Morning Madness.

The rest of the podcast covered various comparisons and contrasts between Walt Disney World and Disneyland, including issues of food and restaurants; hotels and resorts; parks, attractions, entertainment and more. We had so much fun, I’m sure we’ll be revisiting Disneyland to take a more in-depth look at particular aspects of the Resort in the near future!

Special thanks to our Producer/Engineer Josh Haas, who also created and recorded our intro music. The DIS Dads Podcast is edited and produced by Josh Haas/Wizard of Haas Production.

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