DISDads Podcast Planning

DISDadsCircle1400x1400This page is our new hub for coordinating ongoing planning for the DISDads Podcast. You can bookmark this page – it will stay the same. From this page, we will link to pages specific to new calls for volunteers and show assignments. Comments are turned on for this page – feel free to offer comments here about podcast planning, in general. To volunteer to appear on a podcast, please use page that is specific to the show for which you are seeking to volunteer. That will help keep the process organized (that gets harder and harder to do as we approach 500 shows). Thank you – Aaron Rittmaster, host, DISDads Podcast.

3 thoughts to “DISDads Podcast Planning”

  1. Just going off a current topic in the group, and maybe playing off the past podcasts like the movies and marvel TV how about a show of disney in video games past and present. Not sure if you’ve covered the topic before but I think it would be a cool discussion.

  2. What about a podcast on the golf courses at WDW? I’d also like to hear more about fishing at WDW. Both are things I do on every trip!

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