Top 5 Tuesday: In Park Breaks

So, welcome to the next installment of the Top 5 Tuesday. Today I, middlepat, will provide our top 5 “In Park” rest spots for those times when your 2 year old / 38 year old needs some down time to recharge those batteries. Here are the rules for this week’s top 5…

Rule #1: The spot has to allow for some down time / quiet time where you can relax.

Rule #2: It has to be inside the gates of one of the 4 parks.

So without further ado…

#5 Tower of Terror (oops wrong list) Muppet Vision 3D: When in the Studios and the heat is turned up / you need to rest a bit, we find that Muppet Vision 3D is the best place to find a cool place to sit back for the duration of the show. The reason this lands at #5 is because the attraction is so good, its sometimes not as relaxing, because of the glorious 3 hour finale “A Salute to All Nations, But Mostly America”.

#4 Spaceship Earth: I’m not sure what it is about Dame Judy Dench’s voice, but 30 seconds into this ride and I find my head starts bobbing. Fortunately for me, her voice had the same effect on my youngest daughter when we were last at the World. We would settle into the Omnimover car and just let the worries of WDW float away.

#3 It’s A Small World: WHAT???? REALLY????? Actually, yes. This is my list so deal… But seriously, if you are able to block out the music, I’ve found that this is one of the best spots in the Magic Kingdom to veg out and relax with the kids. The slow moving boat gives a nice little rock and I find it rather soothing (for the kids). The other nice benefit is that you can get some of the A/C and interior ride during those hot days in Orlando.

#2 Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover: First of all, is there ever a wait time for this? Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a line for this ride. This is one of the best features for this list as when you need that decompressing time, the last thing you want is a 40 minute wait time. Of course, once you get on you get the combination of motion and breeze. A beautiful pairing in the Orlando heat. Also the kids get to curl up to you on the ride car and you all can just relax and recharge.

#1 Ellen’s Energy Adventure: 45 minute, dark ride, moving theater seating… need I say more? OK, so there’s the occasional dinosaur…no not from the ride…. but seriously I can’t ever recall going on this attraction where I didn’t fall asleep. The ride vehicles also are a great draw for this list as you can have a couple of kids rest on either side of you and be able to get that much needed catnap in the middle of EPCOT.

So I’m sure that there are elements to this list that you either agree or disagree with so tells what you think in the comments and let us get to know you as a DisDad.

Spring Break – Turks and Caicos

Beaches – Turks and Caicos


This trip was a gift that my in-laws gave to us over the past year. They had been to this resort a couple of times and really wanted to share this with their grandkids. Who are we to deny their request?

The players:

So there was a total of 10 of us that traveled together:

MIL & FIL (both in their 70s)
SIL (42)
DNiece & DNephew (10)
DD (7)
DD (6)
DD (3)
DW (29ish)
me (37)

We all live in the Chicago area and so we were able to coordinate travel from O’Hare to the Turks and Caicos through Charlotte on US Air.

We left early on Saturday morning (flight time of 7:35) so we were all up and at em by 5am!!!

Things went very smoothly on the trip out. We got on our flight to Charlotte and all was well, we even landed early. (Woo hoo!)

Once in Charlotte, we only had 1:30 until our next flight (even with our early arrival) which gave us all enough time to get comfortable, those who hadn’t eaten were able to grab a bagel and next thing we knew, it was time to load up for the next hop.

I should point out now that our DD(7) is basically a boy. She is into video games, sports, and idolizes her boy cousin because of all the things he can do on his DS. So for this leg of the trip, the 2 of them sat together on the plane and exchanged tips and played their DS’s for 2.5 hours of quiet bliss. Elsewhere on the plane DW and DDs(6 & 3) didn’t quite have the same blissful quiet ride. No major incidences, just typical kids on airplanes stuff. “Mom, are we there yet?”, “I can’t see anything out of the window”, “Can I have more graham crackers”… that sort of thing.

All in all the trip went smoothly and we landed in Providenciales. From here we were herded through the immigration stations and got landing cards that allowed us to spend all our money on their island. We then loaded into a van and off to the Beaches Resort.

The drive to the resort took about 15-20 minutes, but the scenery around us was breathtaking. We arrived at the Italian Village section of the Beaches Resort and was welcomed by the woman that had booked our family and toured my in-laws around the Italian Village the last time they were there. It was a nice touch that seemed to set the tone for our visit.


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