When we last left our daring family, they had just partaken in the beauty that was the Upper Potato River Falls.  We rejoin them now as they make the long journey back to the parking lot.

Part of the Lower Falls

On the stairs to the Lower Falls

It was like a 5 minute hike back to the parking lot.  We crossed it and headed down the path to the Lower Falls.

Again, much of the trail is steep descents, so it was nice that there were stairs there to use.  This was a much longer walk, down 5 or 6 sets of stairs.

Again, the trees have grown up and around the small observation deck down here, blocking some of the view.

But our intention was not to simply look at the lower falls, we wanted to play in them.  Bambi and I had been here in 2003 BC  (Before Children).  There is a path that continues on past the lower observation deck, right to the river’s edge.  The banks of the river are quite steep and very difficult to walk along.  However, you can wade upstream almost to the base of the falls.  The water does not come over with the force of something like Niagara, but it’s still hard enough that you can’t go right up to it.  Well, shouldn’t anyway.  Remember No Rangers = No Rules.

Unfortunately, after a 15 minute hike, we got the river banks and discovered that the water was way too high to wade through.  The area had received several inches of rain in the previous few days, and the river that we waded through a few years before was now swollen and running quite high and fast.  Bambi and I probably could have made the trek, but kids were just too little to chance it.

Trees on the steep hill

Disappointed, we started the long hike back up.  The hike up is always the hardest part of the hike down.  Curse you Issac Newton!  Most people would watch an apple fall from a tree and think “I think I’ll invent apple pie!”  But you had to go and invent gravity. Jerk.Taking a break on the way back up

The kids did pretty well on the hike.  Sure there was a little whining, but they both made it all the way without having to be carried.

So we loaded everything back up in the van, took off down the dusty gravel road towards out next destination: Lake Superior.

Lower Potato River Falls from our 2003 trip, so you can see what we missed out on due to the high water.

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