As I’ve mentioned on a few of the podcasts recently, and in the Facebook group, it’s time to retire the DISDads Discussion Boards. Traffic has been very low for quite some time now, and the maintenance costs (both in time and money) were disproportionately high. Even today, as I was in the management interface to turn the boards off, there were another 300+ spammer attempts to register for the boards. If you navigate to the Discussion Board URL now, you will see the announcement that they’ve been decommissioned. If there is information on those boards that is important to you/you need an opportunity to retrieve, please send Email to me at and I will do my best to arrange for a way for you to access that information and retrieve it. In order to reclaim the web space being taken up by the board installation, I will be deleting the boards entirely from the server at the end of January, 2017. So if you need to recovery anything, please notify me as soon as possible. Once the boards of have deleted, it will not be possible to retrieve what has been deleted. Out of respect for the privacy of those who posted to the private sections of the boards, I will NOT be retaining any backup/archive of the boards.

If you were an A-Ticket subscriber, your recurring subscription has been cancelled. If you subscribed at any other level, the subscription was not set to be a recurring payment. If you run into any issues with a subscription payment to the DISDads discussion boards, just let me know at the Email address above, and I’ll take care of it.

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