Disneyland:  August 7, 1964
The Astro Jets, originally opened in 1956, are officially renamed the Tomorrowland Jets.  The attraction’s name has been changed to appease United Airlines,  the new sponsor The Enchanted Tiki Room, since United contends the Astro Jets name was free advertising for rival carrier American Airlines and their new coast-to-coast “Astrojet” service. (The Tomorrowland Jets will remain with the current name and ground-level location until September of 1966, when the attraction will permanently close making way for an all-new Tomorrowland – featuring a similar attraction called Rocket Jets located high in the sky above the new Peoplemover station & platform).
Disneyland:  August 7, 2008
In a special unveiling ceremony in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, the U.S. Postal Service issues their newest 42-cent postage stamps commemorating The Art of Disney: Imagination.  The collection of four designs include:  Mickey Mouse as “Steamboat Willie”; Mowgli and Baloo from “The Jungle Book”; Pongo and one of the puppies from “101 Dalmatians”; and Princess Aurora and her fairy friends Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather from “Sleeping Beauty.”
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