My family and I recently took a long weekend up north. Two quick observations on this:

  1. Up North is a very popular vacation area in Wisconsin.  Most people define it as anything north of Highway 29, which runs from Green Bay, through Wausau and on to Eau Claire.  Roughly 1/3 of the state.  It’s heavily forested area with thousands of lakes dotting the landscape.
  2. The proper pronunciation is accomplished with a heavy Upper Peninsula accent, and by dropping the “h” in north.  Thus: Up Nort.  As in, “Yah, der hey.  We’re headin’ up nort this weekend.  Wanna come?”

This event is usually a Sommer Family Get Together at a cabin owned by my sister and her husband.   Typically there are about 18 us crammed into the 4 bedroom cabin.  However, due to several uncontrollable scheduling problems, it would only be my family, my sister and her husband.  Not nearly as ruckus a crowd, but much less jockeying for sleeping space.

I’ll start the actual “trip report” in my next entry, but I thought I’d use this post to introduce everyone.

Family Picture at Potato River Falls

Family Picture at Potato River Falls

This is our first family picture of the trip, at Potato River Falls.  Left to Right:

Bambi – tomorrow is our 10 year anniversary.  And she still hasn’t killed me!

Madison (5).  She starts kindergarten this fall, loves swimming, and is a thrill ride junkie.

Evan (3)  Constantly in motion.  Baseball, football, swimming, running to random places, stopping, and running back.

Barry (me).  Patriarch of the family and minivan pilot extraordinaire.

The trip report may not be exciting, educational, enlightening, or even funny for that matter.  But it will help you kill several minutes of your day!  The trip begins in my next post.  Coming up: Day 1-ish: The Ride

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