5 thoughts to “Which ride is your absolute favorite?”

  1. Ugh, it’s like asking me to pick a favorite child. I think I’ll go with Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road. It’s a great ride, but then after the ride is done, you can take a nice slow walk back out of the park, lingering to enjoy the Magic Kingdom at night.

  2. I like the idea of lingering in the Magic Kingdom at night. I would usually try and hang out in Epcot as much as possible. But I think my absolute favorite ride might be Expedition Everest. Of course, when I rode it last, the Yeti was still working.

  3. That’s easy for me, even without having to choose between children…The Haunted Mansion. It’s a) my all-time favorite ride, period and b) yes, like Barry said, it’s back inside the park quite a bit (in both DL and the MK)- so yeah, there’s that lingering, sauntering back up to the front aspect, and c) it’s even better at night time.

  4. POTC in Disneyland. I love the starting going though the bayou by the Blue Bayou restaurant. I really wish they had this in Disney World ride.

  5. Agreed with Cinderella’s Fella but in the MK version. Never been to DL even though I lived in Cali all my life up till I was 32. Something about POTC just makes me know that the trip was a success. I love the easy slow ride as a cool down for the end of the day walk out of MK. Like BOTM its sits towards the back and it is really neat to walk through MK when it is just you and a few straglers. Love the music, the smells, everything that you really dont get when it is full of other people.

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