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  1. I’ll take this one then…

    July 26, 0012 AD
    Hoping to lessen the blow of some painful news, Joseph and Mary take their 12 year old son Jesus to Disneyland. After riding Hannibal’s Mountain Climbing Elephants (Dumbo the Flying Elephants would replace this ride approx 1,943 years later), Joseph and Mary broke the news during a Churros break. Cast Members reported hearing the young messiah exclaim “What do you mean you’re not my real dad?”

    July 26, 2640
    While en-route to Walt Disney World, the reconstituted head of Walt Disney is accidentally sent down the wrong hyperspace transport tube and ends up at Disneyland Uranus. While there, he partakes in some nostalgia by riding “Pirates of the Kupier Belt”, “The Haunted Space Station”, “The Hall of Galactic Emperors”, and “it’s a small word.” The theme some of which is stuck in his head the entire way back to Florida.

  2. July 26, 1991

    8-year-old Priscilla Flanowicz is egged on by her older brother to try drinking the water on It’s a Small World, and her life is never the same. Years later, she bursts onto the scene as Lady Gaga.

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