Disneyland:  July 20, 1969
The  Apollo 11 moon landing is televised on the Tomorrowland Stage. Neil Armstrong (who in July 2005 will take part in the re-opening of Space Mountain) becomes the very first manto set foot on the moon.  Additionally, Stephen Bales has a key role in the lunar landing as a member of mission control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. He was inspired to become an aeronautical engineer by a 1950’s television program produced by Walt Disney that predicted how men might travel to and explore the moon
Disneyland:  July 20, 1955
The Tomorrowland Boats (soon to be renamed the Phantom Boats) debuts in Tomorrowland. The attraction features 14 brightly painted gas-powered fiberglass boats, but poor mechanical design will cause the ride to be the park’s first permanent attraction to close.
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