Copyright Disney

Copyright Disney

Host: Aaron Rittmaster
Panel: Mark Wysocki and Bill Abrams

In Episode 322, Mark and Bill talk about experiencing Walt Disney World with family members who have cognitive disabilities. We talk some about Disney’s Disability Access Service (and I’ve provided links to some of Disney’s DAS materials in the show notes), but we really focus on their own approaches/strategies for experiencing Walt Disney World. And as I mention during the show, we’re barely scratching the surface of a much larger and more complex topic. For more on the subject, check out Kathleen Kelly’s Special Mouse Podcast, which discusses this (and other special needs issues) on a weekly basis.

What do you think of Mark & Bill’s advice? What are your best tips and suggestions for visiting Walt Disney World with family members with cognitive disabilities? Send us your thoughts at; tweet us at DisDadsPodcast on Twitter; join in the online discussion of the podcasts on our DISDads Discussion Boards; and check out our DISDads Podcast Facebook page.

Official Walt Disney World Publications:
Guide for Guests with Cognitive Disabilities
Disability Access Service Card Information

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