DISDadsCircle1400x1400Host: Aaron Rittmaster
Rowdy Rohde’s Raucous Rogues: Kevin Crossman, Terry Hawkins, Brad Coates
The Quintessentials: Ryan Treichler, Coy Cypert, Jason Mitts
Team Bacon: David Juart, John Griffis, James Cameron

The conclusion of the DISDads Dream Theme Park draft took place live on Sunday, March 29, 2015! The panelists, divided into three teams, finished their draft, and then pitched their park to the listening audience. Barry Percival of Disney Podcast Survivor shared his opinion of the Dream Theme Parks, and a poll will be posted on Monday, so that you have the opportunity to offer your own rating and critique.

What do you think of the dream theme parks the teams drafted? What would you have done differently? Tell us about it! Email us at podcast@DisDads.com; tweet us at DisDadsPodcast on Twitter; join in the online discussion of the podcasts on our DISDads Discussion Boards; and check out our DISDads Podcast Facebook page.

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