From time to time, we have featured charity projects here at in which DISDads are participating. This time we’re featuring a more personal project. DISDad Jay Kostur happened upon a local opportunity to reach out to a fellow Dad in need. He approached a man who appeared to be living out of his car in a nearby park, engaged him in conversation, and identified some reasonable steps he could take to help Patrick get back on his feet. I’ll let Jay tell the story in his own words:

Let me tell y’all a little more about Patrick. He works full time at Wal-Mart for minimum wage, after taxes brings home $350 paychecks biweekly; pays $400 a month in child support for his one child, so that leaves him $300 a month to live off of. He’s not a bum, a drunk, or a drug addict. He’s just a guy who can’t get ahead. Our goal is to make enough to pay his rent for a couple months so he can save up and take over the payments himself.

You can read more, and pitch in a few dollars to help, at the fundraising page that Jay has set up at GoFundMe – Helping Patrick. Let’s see what we can do to help a guy who’s working to do the right things get back on his feet.

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