by Tony McDaniel

We got started a little late, and decided to get the Carlsberg in Norway on the way to lunch at Tutto Gusto, where I go the moscato. We hit Germany after lunch on the way to Spaceship Earth & then Carrie wanted to go to Mouse Gear. I got bored and realized I was wasting good beer drinking time, so I walked over to Canada. I got the oatmeal stout, and drank that while walking back to Mouse Gear. Still shopping. I said the heck with it and headed on to Mexico. By then, she was done shopping. So we went to ride Maelstrom, then walked over to China and grabbed a beer (Tsing Tao is like water).

We walked on to the American Adventure pavilion and grabbed a Yuengling. By now, it Was time to head to dinner at Garden Grove at Swan Hotel, so I took a brief break. We returned after dinner and grabbed the Boddingtons from England (nice to be able to use Tables in Wonderland at Rose & Crown Pub). My wife wanted to go to France & look around, so I grabbed wine there, and then felt like a Frozen Kirin – still a fave. Then we were off to Morocco to finish up drinking around the world and watch Illuminations. (After which we headed back to Germany for one last Schöfferhoffer 🙂 )!

(Note: Neither the writer of this post, its editor, nor recommends excessive consumption of alcohol. If you’re going to drink, don’t drive – take advantage of free Disney transportation! And please, be considerate of your fellow park guests).

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