httyd2It’s been a great week here at, so it’s time to dust off the Friday Five again. Here are just a few of the things rattling around my brain this Friday the 13th:

1) I’m taking my family to see DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon 2 tonight (watch for a review here at soon). We all loved the original, and even enjoyed the How to Train Your Dragon shorts that came out with the HTTYD DVD (especially the Legend of the Boneknapper). I have avoided the early press on HTTYD 2, so that I go in to see it with a blank slate. But I have to admit, my expectations aren’t particularly high. The Shrek sequels were very uneven, and got worse over time. We’ll see how How To Train Your Dragon holds up to a second go-round. Anyone else going to see it opening weekend?

2) I’m seeing reports all over the Disney fan community that indicate that the Garden Grill rotating restaurant in the Land Pavilion at Epcot has not actually rotated since at least November, 2013. That means that a key element of the restaurant’s décor has been out of order for more than six months now. I don’t know that it’s a huge deal that it’s not rotating – it seemed to me that guests were split about 50/50 over whether the rotating was something they liked about it or something that they tolerated and enjoyed the restaurant in spite of – but it is disturbing that the only reason we know about this is that fellow theme park guests are posting about it on message boards. Disney hasn’t said anything publicly about the restaurant not rotating. Even if they don’t have a target repair date, it’s misleading to guests considering booking the restaurant to fail to publicly acknowledge this ongoing issue.

3) In case you didn’t notice, has published new content every day for over a week now. We’re making a real effort to keep the content flowing and fresh around here, and it wouldn’t be possible without the participation of the DISDads community. Shoutouts this week for website contributions from Ryan Treichler, Andy Fix, David Juart and Jon Arthur; and for podcast participation by Todd Breaux, Scott Henney, Justin West, Michael Williams, and Adam Dale. Thank you guys!

4) Twitter shoutouts this week go to John Scanlan and Chris Schenk. John gave us a big hand, filling in at the last minute on the Bunk Madness Magic Kingdom Area live show. We’re looking forward to talking with him on the podcast again soon to learn more about Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. And Chris honored us with his suggestion that the DISDads Podcast was one of the podcast teams he’d like to go out an have a drink with. Any chance you’ll be at Walt Disney World over Marathon Weekend 2015 Chris?

5) Completely random thought, prompted by the ongoing Bunk Madness tournament on the podcast. If you could choose the location for a new Walt Disney World resort, where would you put it? Tell us about it in the comments.

Happy Father’s Day to my fellow DISDads, and have a great weekend!

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