Subs and MatterhornToday, Disneyland followed Walt Disney World’s model from this past February, enacting a stealth price increase. With no social media blast, no notification to travel agents, and not even a posting to the Disney Parks Blog, Disneyland increased a single-day, single-park adult ticket from $92 to $96. The big jump was in the Disneyland Park Hopper, where a single-day adult Park Hopper jumped from $137 to $150. While the information currently available refers only to increases in single-day ticket rates, it seems reasonable to presume that – as at Walt Disney World back in February – the entire rate card will see increases.

The prices for all categories of annual passes increased as well. And in an effort to manage crowd levels, Disneyland has temporarily suspended the sale of the SoCal Annual Pass, which is popular with local theme park guests. Even parking rates increased, to $17 per day for cars and motorcycles.

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