Today will be a little bit different, as I’m actually posting 4 days at once, since I won’t be at or near a computer for those days, and certainly don’t want to “deprive” you all of your Disney trivia!  😉


Disneyland:  June 4, 1958
The Sailing Ship Columbia, an authentic recreation of the famed American ship, the first to circumnavigate the globe,  is officially christened on the Rivers of America.  .Admiral Joe Fowler, a former Navy Admiral and Disneyland’s construction supervisor, is on board dressed as a ship’s Captain of the 1700’s.  The Mousketeers are also on board, appearing as the crew.  The attraction won’t officially open to guests for 10 days, but when it does, the ship will join an already bustling river, filled with the Mark Twain, Mike Fink Keelboats, the Indian War Canoes and of course the Rafts to Tom Sawyer Island.
Walt Disney World:  June 4, 1999
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh opens in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.  This newest dark ride based upon the film The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, is located in the spot once occupied by Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, which had been in Fantasyland since the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971.
Walt Disney World:  June 5, 1972
If You Had Wings, sponsored by Eastern Airlines (the official airline of Walt Disney World) opens in Tomorrowland, across from  Mission to Mars.  The ride takes guests on a journey through some of the airline’s favorite tourist destinations, including New Orleans, Mexico City, and the Bahamas.
Walt Disney World:  June 5, 1995
Walt Disney World formally announces a fourth theme park, Animal Kingdom, will be added to the expanding Vacation Kingdom.  It is further announced that construction will begin just two months later, in August.



Disneyland:  June 6, 1959
The park’s biggest expansion since Opening Day debuts – but won’t be officially dedicated until 8 days later.   This $15 million expansion (nearly as much as the original $17 million it took to build Disneyland in the first place) forever linking (and providing quick and easy access between) Fantasyland and Tomorrowland with the debut of the Matterhorn Bobsleds and the all new Fantasyland Autotopia (both considered to be inside Fantasyland – the new Autopia is intertwined with the existing Tomorrowland Autopia), and the introduction of the first daily-operating Monorail in the western hemisphere, and the famed Submarine Voyage, (both inside Tomorrowland) inspired by the 1954 Disney film “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”.  The 8 submarine vessels (which are not actual submarines since they do not actually submerge) are named Nautilus, Seawolf, Skate, Skipjack, Triton, George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Ethan Allen.  Each submarine includes portholes, one for each guest, to view the various undersea scenes.  Both the Matterhorn Bobsleds and the Submarine Voyage become the first ‘E’ ticket attractions.

Walt Disney World:  June 6, 2002
After a complete mechanical and exterior restoration, the Roy O. Disney steam locomotive is rededicated in a ceremony at the Main Street, U.S.A. Train Station in the Magic Kingdom.
Walt Disney World:  June 7,1975
Similar to it’s Anaheim counterpart, Mission to Mars (developed in conjunction with NASA) debuts in Tomorrowland. It replaces the Flight to the Moon attraction (which opened in December 1971).
Walt Disney World:  June 7, 2006
Walt Disney World announces that the apartment located on an upper floor inside Cinderella Castle, originally designed for the Disney family’s use, will be completely renovated, decorated and upholstered as a ‘royal bedchamber’ for up to four people. A single overnight stay in the luxurious suite will be awarded to a guest at any of the four Walt Disney World theme parks each day during the “Year of a Million Dreams” celebration taking place at all eleven Disney theme parks around the globe. 
Kingdom, or any park at the Walt Disney World Resort
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