By Matt Birchfield

So you take a Disney Parks® vacation, and you see every souvenir imaginable – mouse ears in every design, plush Perry and Olaf (if you’re lucky), t-shirts and coffee mugs. But maybe you kept thinking that you might see something in the next shop you like better. Or they didn’t have your size in the store in the park. Or it isn’t until the last night of your trip, when you’re leaving the Magic Kingdom at the end end of the night (a couple of hours after Hollywood Studios has closed), that your daughter gives you the puppydog eyes look and explains that the ONLY SOUVENIR she wants from this vacation was that thing that she only saw in the Tower Shops at the exit of the Tower of Terror. But what can you do about it?

Well, rejoice! For I bring happy tidings! You can still get that Mad Hatter hat with the red hair or that special Indiana Jones fedora. There is a small group of people who work for the Mouse whose only job is to fill orders like that. They work for Disney Mail Order. This select group of miracle workers are standing by to fulfill your requests.

I first found out about them several years ago, when I was looking for a present for my wife for her birthday. I was trying to find a casting of Cinderella’s Castle, and once I described what I was looking for, they were able to search through their huge database and find exactly what I needed. I have used them several times since then, as my youngest daughter wanted an Indiana Jones messenger bag like her sister’s (of course she didn’t ask for it until after we got home), and I also recently ordered something for my wife for Mother’s Day.

One of the best things I can recommend is, if you see something that you like while you are in the parks, use your phone to take a picture of the UPC symbol on the bottom and maybe a picture that you can use to help describe it to the CM on the phone. This information makes it infinitely easier to find what you are looking for, as there are three separate databases that may have to be sepaately searched to find what you’re looking for.

You can call Walt Disney Mail Order at 877-560-6477, from 9-5, Monday through Friday. Shipping is pretty affordable at standard shipping rates. If you want to expedite delivery, they’re happy to do that for you, but you’ll be paying for it (quite a bit). I actually ordered a Princess Aurora Coffee mug for my wife (to drink Joffrey’s from), on the 2nd of May. It arrived on the 9th of May, so I was very pleased by that. But I can’t recommend planning that such short notice shipping will always work.

Mail Order 1When your package arrives, you will find an invoice inside the box, much like this one. Notice at the top There is an address, several phone numbers, and an Email address that you can use to contact Guest Services if you need to return your item for any reason. It is better to contact them ahead of time and get prior approval to return the item than it is to ship it back without any explanation. At the bottom of the invoice is a tag for returns:

Mail Order 2This is the return address for shipping items back to Guest Services if needed. Note that there is also a phone number to contact them for returned merchandise authorization in advance, in order to expedite exchanges and return credits.

Disney Mail Order is a valuable gifting tool, because you can order items from there that you won’t find in the online Disney Store. The only real downside is the additional Shipping and Handling costs associated with getting the package to you. The CM’s are extremely pleasant and helpful, and as long as you can describe the item or give them the SKU # from the tag, they do an amazing job of tracking items down for you.

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