WineSRTby Eric Anderson

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… it’s the traditional formula for what a bride should have on her wedding day. But it also applies to the new Spice Road Table restaurant at the Morocco Pavilion in Epcot. My wife and I stopped in on the Monday after Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, the second day the restaurant was open to the public. I will take those wedding adjectives out of order, but will cover them all.

First, the something old — that’s the location. The restaurant was built on a piece of prime real estate in front of the Morocco Pavilion, right along the World Showcase Lagoon. It takes the place of a little shop, and a spot where henna tattooing was done. As with other restaurants along the lagoon, it will provide a great spot for watching Illuminations.

The something blue is in the color scheme: blue on white. It stands as a contrast to the sandy tan of the rest of the pavilion.

Next, the something new — that’s the menu, and the concept. This is a tapas restaurant. If you’re not familiar with tapas, the model is that you order some number of small plates to share among those at the table. The dishes come out as they are ready, and the idea is to eat as the food shows up and make room for the next offerings, although plates do tend to pile up, especially if you do not slow down the service by ordering in waves. The small plates are probably a little smaller than the usual appetizer at WDW, but given the generally outsized portions at WDW, it’s not hard to get a lot of food. Dishes run between $7 (for an omelette) and $12 (for calamari). My wife and I split 5 of the small plates between us, and it was a pretty good amount of food.

The something borrowed is tougher to find with this new concept, but Spice Road Table shares the no-ADR table service model with Tutto Gusto over in the Italy Pavilion. Both restaurants expect you to breeze in, take your time, enjoy your food and drink, and linger for more of the same and conversation. Tutto Gusto is more of a dark and cozy spot, though, while Spice Road Table is bright and airy.

[Ed. Note: Early reviews of the food offerings at Spice Road Table have been mixed. Most complaints center (a bit ironically) on under-spiced dishes. The Spicy Garlic Shrimp and the Lamb Slider seem to be favorites. The Signature cocktails and desserts have also been well-received.]


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