Dream_at_Sea4What’s the best way to get over post-DDC blues? Plan your next DDC experience! As we announced on the live podcast this past Saturday night, we’re organizing a group to take a 4 Night cruise aboard the Disney Cruise Line’s™ Disney Dream. In order to give everyone plenty of time to plan and save up for this trip, and to get us all the best pricing possible, we’re planning the cruise for a Father’s Day 2015 departure.

Disney Cruise Line has not officially released itineraries beyond May 2015 at this point, and there are some rumors going around that we many not get an announcement of itineraries for the rest of the year until some time this March. For us, this actually turns out to be a good thing. The Dream has been sailing 4 Night cruises with a Sunday departure for over a year now, so that schedule looks pretty stable. Meanwhile, since those itineraries remain unreleased, we have an opportunity to book at the lowest possible prices, which are the ones available when booking first opens.

In order to facilitate opening-day booking, we’ve set up an Early-Bird Registration process. By participating in Early Bird Registration, we’ll have the information we need to get you booked, we’ll have a handle on the actual number of people we’re planning for, and you’ll be receiving an onboard credit (in addition to any onboard credit that may be offered by Disney Cruise Line at the time of booking). Another reason for booking us as a group is that the reservations can be linked together, so that we are seated together for dinner (depending on the ultimate size of the group, we’ll likely be seated in sub-groups).

There’s some additional information about the cruise, including historical pricing information, in a thread on the DISDads Discussion Boards. And I’m adding some sample stateroom layout schematics to that thread today. I look forward to as many of you as possible joining us for the first-event big group DISDads meet up at sea! Curious what it’s like gathering with fellow DISDads and their families? Just ask anyone who’s attended either of our first two DISDads Conventions at Walt Disney World!

(Note: This post has been edited since it was originally posted to correct the departure date for the DISDads Dream Cruise).

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