I hadn’t planned on writing this post today.

In fact, I still wish I wasn’t writing it.

But just in case you ever wondered why DISDads.com holds an annual auction to benefit Give Kids the World (as well as donating our fantasy football league entry fees to Give Kids the World), I’d like to introduce you to one reason. He’s recognized around the Internet as Superman Sam.

That picture was from this past August, when Give Kids the World facilitated Sam’s family’s ability to take a trip to Walt Disney World. Shortly before the trip, Sam’s doctors decided he needed another 7-day course of chemotherapy. The trip looked to be ruined, but GKTW came to the rescue, and made possible a magical one-day whirlwind trip, described by Sam as “the best day ever!”

When Sam’s family took that August trip, his condition was on the upswing. Shortly thereafter though, his “ninja leukemia” hit back with a vengeance. But Sam really wanted to go back to Walt Disney World, so his family managed a (non-Give Kids the World) return trip earlier this month. It wasn’t the same. But Sam did get one last opportunity to enjoy some Disney magic.

Early this morning, Superman Sam died. I bring you this news, of a boy you’ve probably never met, not to spread sadness or guilt you into contributing. Rather, I share this with you so that you will understand that the work done by Give Kids the World matters. It is bringing joy to people at times when joy is particularly hard to come by. It offers families an opportunity to squeeze in some celebration before the mourning and the pain.

So this one’s for you Superman Sam. May your memory motivate us all to make the very best of the time that we have to share with our families and friends.

(Note: I have not asked Sam’s family for permission to use their photos and link to their blog. This just isn’t the time. But if they wish, I will delete this post in its entirety.)

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