Today, in recognition of Labor Day, instead of a poll I thought I’d ask blog readers to participate in a different way. Please Comment on this post, sharing your favorite Disney Cast Member interaction story. I’ll start, by sharing the story of a terrific CM interaction at Hollywood Studios this past January.

As many of you will remember, my daughter injured her leg shortly before our trip for the DISDads Convention back in January, and she was in a wheelchair for the trip. On our first day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, she was terribly disappointed when the Jedi Training Academy CMs told her that she could not participate in JTA in a wheelchair (Note: we went back a few days later, and different JTA CMs found a way to accommodate her and allow her to participate, but that’s a different story). My daughter was crushed. JTA is one of her favorite things to do in all of Walt Disney World.

While my wife and son headed to JTA, I wheeled my daughter over to the American Idol Experience. She’d been asking to audition at American Idol since our first trip, but she’s too young for the show, so we’ve always avoided it. I decided to go ahead and take her in and see what they could do for us. Though she couldn’t appear on the stage, she was ushered in to sing for one of the “screening” CMs. The screening CM was AMAZING with her (and I wish I’d gotten that CMs name). She really listened to my daughter’s singing, and gave her constructive criticism and encouragement. That 10 minutes or so of interaction completely turned our day around. My daughter went from sad and disappointed to glowingly proud and happy. I don’t think I’m overstating it saying that American Idol Experience CM singlehandedly saved the day for us.

So what are your best CM stories? Tell us about them in the comments!

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