We all know that MyMagic+ will be rolling out at Walt Disney World “realsoonnow” (I believe that is, in fact, the official rollout date). We also know that using the My Disney Experience smartphone app while in the parks is important to taking full advantage of all that MyMagic+ has to offer. But even in its most recent form, My Disney Experience (and the necessary network connection to make MDE useful) is a huge battery hog. So how do you take full advantage of My Disney Experience without finding yourself with a dead smartphone before lunch? Here are a few products that can help you extend the life of your smartphone battery, even under heavy use:

1. The mega-capacity Anker Astro E5. This is a HUGE 15000mAh external battery charger. It has two USB ports, so you can recharge two devices at a time, and should be able to deliver 8 or more full recharges to most smartphones on a single charge of this external battery. It’s currently showing as on sale at Amazon.com for $59.99.

2. Looking for something that’s easier to carry around and/or only need to keep one device charged up? Consider an external battery built-into a phone case. Be careful choosing your case and vendor. You need a battery case with enough battery capacity to make it worth using. And for some reason this category of product has been popular among electronics counterfeiters. Counterfeit batteries are both unreliable and can be dangerous – stick with vendors who stand behind what they sell.

3. Split the difference with a smaller, lighter, external battery like this nifty design from New Trent. My favorite feature of this external battery chunk is the flip-out A/C plug, which makes recharging the charger easy and convenient.

If you’re in the market for a product like this, consider using our affiliate links to purchase. We receive a small referral fee from Amazon.com that helps defray the costs of running the DISDads.com sites.

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