Magic Kingdom Victory
by Adam Dale

Picking up from our Epcot to Disney’s Hollywood Studio transfer, we hopping into the van and headed toward the Magic Kingdom. In less time than I expected, we were back at the Magic Kingdom parking lot (man, I really should have parked at the Poly)! Mom called and told us that her friend had dropped her off at Magic Kingdom to meet us for the end of this marathon day.

We got on the Monorail at the TTC to loop around to the Magic Kingdom, and we heard a clap of thunder! We hustled off the monorail, through bag check, and into the park. Just as we ducked through the tunnel and onto Main Street, the deluge hit – I am talking “start pairing up the animals and cutting the gopher wood” rain! We darted into the Main Street Confectionery, and I called Mom. She was sitting at a table pulled back out of the rain at the end of the alley near Uptown Jewelers. We caught up with her and waited for the rain to move on. But the rain kept falling, and we watched as DROVES of people leave the park! We decided, “hey we are finishing this day!” and just decided we were going to get a bit wet.

We snaked our way against the crowd flow, moving toward the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. As we stood in the MILF queue, the entire “holding area” filled up. I had never seen it completely full – there was not and empty seat in the place! We got a great show. Yes, Marty is still putting a little boogie in his napkin. And no, Dad didn’t get to be “That Guy” this time. 🙁 When we get out, the rain was still falling, but it was no longer a downpour. We cut across toward Space Mountain, and made our way around and through the long queue. Just as we entered the load area, the guy that has been in front of us in the line turned around and said, “are ya’ll going to stay?” When I told him yes, he handed me 9 “Anywhere Fastpasses for Magic Kingdom” and said, “Have fun with your kids and get in some good rides.” Then he jumped in his coaster car and was gone. Disney Magic! Pixie Dust near the end of the day!

When we got off Space Mountain, the rain had finally stopped. It was nearly 10:45 p.m., and we needed an energy boost. So we ducked into Gaston’s Tavern for a couple of cinnamon rolls and a pork shank. After a few minutes’ rest, we decided that we had time to get in a few more rides before the park closed at midnight. We scurried over to Haunted Mansion, and rode with no wait. Then we decided that, as long as we were already wet, sweaty, and tired, we should ride Splash Mountain to finish out the day. On the way to Splash, there was a 0 minute wait time posted for Big Thunder Mountain, so we rode it, and when we got off, there was still no wait, so we rode it again! Finally, it was time for Splash Mountain. One last ride for the night. We enjoyed our leisurely ride through the briar patch and the big finish. Feeling pretty accomplished, we made our way through the hub and down Main Street. We paused along the way for a few photos, to memorialize the end to our AWESOME day. We headed out of the park and toward the ferry back to TTC to head home for the night. As the boat docked, I thought again, “MAN I really should have valeted at the Poly.” Oh well. The AAA Diamond lot was still pretty close. We trudged to the van and returned to the rental house, where showers, beds and soft pillows awaited!

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