Expedition Everest
By Adam Dale

Now, we return to that moment in the previous entry in this report where we left Epcot for a bit. Walking out of Epcot, we heard that the Monorail was down, so oure to swing by Magic Kingdom to get Space Mountain Fastpasses was shot. Instead, we jumped on a bus to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It was a nice cool ride, and we were the only folks on the bus.

As we pulled into DAK we checked the Lines App, and Expedition Everest wait times were around 35 minutes, so we headed that way. When we got to Expedition Everest the wait was down to 30 minutes when entered the queue. By this time the kids were getting excited that we might actually pull this challenge off and began to talk to people in lines with us about what we are doing. I got some very strange looks from other parents. Ultimately, it only took about 20 minutes before we boarded Expedition Everest!

After exiting and grabbing our photo we headed to DinoLand USA. We got there and heard folks talking about Dinosaur being down, so we turned quickly and got on Primeval Whirl (one of my girls’ favorites). As we exited the ride, I noticed that Lines was reporting that Dinosaur was open, so we ran quickly and jumped on – we boarded IMMEDIATELY! The twins do NOT like Dinosaur, but rode it to make dad happy. We went to get our ride photo, but it was “deleted” due to a group of teens that made “vulgar” gestures – telling the Carnitaur that he was #1. 🙁

We started back toward Asia to get a photo in front of “the Forbidden Mountain”, with plans to exit DAK after that and head back to Epcot for dinner. As we approached Expedition Everest, Dad had an idea – we continued past Everest to checked whether there was any availability at Yak and Yeti for an early dinner. Yak and Yeti was able to seat us IMMEDITALY! This gave us a few minutes to sit, talk, rest and eat. Dinner here was much more flavorful than our bland lunch at Electric Umbrella. After dinner, we walked out and got those “Forbidden Mountain” photos, then headed out of the park to return to Epcot.

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