Walt Disney World:  May 22, 1968
The Walt Disney Travel Co. is incorporated in Florida. The company will work with travel agents and individuals planning vacations to the yet-to-be-open Walt Disney World Resort. (Four years later the company will expand their services to California and Disneyland vacations as well).
Disneyland:  May 22, 1998
Disneyland continues unveiling its newly renovated Tomorrowland.  New additions include Rocket Rods (a high-speed attraction running on the former PeopleMover track), Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port (a restaurant located inside the building that formerly housed the Mission to Mars attraction), NASA Space Experience (a display based experience filled with various artifacts from NASA’s history of space exploration), and the 3-D film attraction Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (which replaced the former Captain EO).   Also re-opening is the Astro Orbitor attraction (originally known as the Rocket Jets), which has been relocated from above the PeopleMover station to ground level at the entrance of Tomorrowlandthus making the ride the new focal point as guests step from the Central Plaza or “hub” into Tomorrowland 
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