Dole Whip MeetJust a few months ago, the answer to this blogger challenge question was easy. The event I’d wanted to write about since the first post of this blog was some kind of large DISDads meeting. I wanted to write about how great it was to get together with a group of like-minded dad and how much fun we would have. But then, the DISDads Convention happened in January, and I DID get to write all of that. So what’s left?

The next event I’d like to write about is that next great DISDads event. It’s been difficult trying to figure out round two. We all have times of the year that work best for our families – some prefer to travel during school breaks. Others prefer to plan travel around lower crowd levels and cheaper travel rates. And even within those broad seasons, each of us has that one week that is the “golden week” for his family – that one week when it all comes together. We can get work turned down to a low simmer on the same week that there’s a break in the sports schedule and the music schedule and there are no extended family conflicts . . . and that’s just MY family! Multiply that by a couple of dozen DISDads, and how do we get settled on a week??

For this year, I think the answer is going to end up being that we will have a somewhat smaller event during Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World again in 2014. Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream at Castaway Cay
But for 2015? I’m really leaning toward a cruise. After great group meals at Whispering Canyon Café and ‘Ohana at Walt Disney World, I just can’t stop thinking about how great it would be to get DISDad families together for dinner each night in those amazing Disney cruise ship dining rooms. I imagine our children spending the day playing together in the Kids’ Clubs. Enjoying the latest Disney movies together in the theaters. Snorkeling and playing on the beach together at Castaway Cay. Late nights in the sports bar, having the relaxed conversations we often have on line face-to-face.

So the event I’d like to blog about is a DISDads Convention at Sea – date TBA, sometime in 2015. And once again, I’ll be writing about how great it is to spend a week or so hanging out with my brothers from another mother.

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