Infiniti I35My next Blogger Challenge topic was to review something that I use everyday. I found this topic much more difficult than I expected it to be. I considered a number of possibilities: The Blue Yeti microphone I use to record the podcast, rejected because I really only use it a few days a week; a Glenfiddich scotch sampler that I really enjoyed, but it was gone after everyday use for just three days. And then it hit me, I should review my car – the Infiniti I35 that I’ve driven just about daily for the last eight years. That’s not my actual car, though mine is that same silver color. Mine could use some body work – nothing major, but it’s not as “pretty” as the one pictured.

Somehow, in those eight years of mostly reliable service, I just haven’t been able to bring myself to give her a proper name. Even after eight years, I’m still a bit resentful that I’m stuck driving her. You see, she’s a replacement for my law school graduation present to myself – my beloved Saab 900 SE Turbo Convertible – that I lost to a flood. And that’s not really fair to her. My Infiniti has served me well. She’s roomy without being unwieldy. My son came home from the hospital in that car. And I could complain about a few rather expensive repairs. But on the other hand, I’ve put about 155,000 miles on her over those eight years, so I think I’m still getting pretty good value for my repair dollar.

Her CD Player has been broken for about the last five years, and it’s way more expensive to fix than it’s worth. Bu the stereo system still sounds good. And even without an AUX input, it serves me well for listening to music or Disney podcasts with a cassette adapter. The heating and cooling system does a solid job of keeping me warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I don’t open up the sunroof as open as I used to drop the top on the convertible, but it helps feed the occasional craving for the wind in my hair.

I’ve been thinking about my ol’ I35 quite a bit lately. We’re planning on taking her on her inaugural run from Kansas City to Orlando in September. That will be the longest single trip she’s ever taken. And it dawns on me that she still doesn’t even have a name. So help me out – I’d love some suggestions for an appropriate name for my old silver warhorse. She deserves that, before we hit the road here in a few months.

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