DISDads at the downtown Chicago Disney StoreThese pictures are almost a year old, but they never got posted here on the blog, and this blogger challenge gives me a good chance to talk about them – and really to talk more about what they mean. The first MANLAW is, “Pictures or it didn’t happen!” And these pictures are great reminders of some of the, perhaps lesser-known but exceptional, benefits of being a DISDad. You see, being a DISDad means having an international network of friends looking forward to a chance to welcome you and show you their town.

The picture above is of (L to R) Sean, John, Me and Don. Last July we met up in Chicago. I was on a business trip and brought my daughter along (we have relatives there, so she had stuff to do while I was in meetings). Sean and John brought their own daughters along. This picture is taken (by Mikaela, which explains the angle/framing :p ) in front of the downtown Chicago Disney Store. Where else would a group of DISDads gather? We spent the morning together and the Disney Store and the Hershey’s Store and just walking around downtown Chicago. The girls had a great time hanging out together, and our meet up ended with great Chicago pizza at Geno’s East.

Dinner with Chris and BrianEarlier that week, I also got to meet up with Brian, another Chicago-local DISDad (sorry about the Legionnaire’s Disease Brian) and Chris, who was also in Chicago for a work-related meeting. We had a terrific Chicago steakhouse dinner, and they were great about the fact that I’d brought a 10-year-old along to an high-end adult meal. Meeting up with fellow DISDads always feels more like spending time with those cousins you like but you just don’t get to spend enough time with than it does meeting “strangers,” even if we’ve never met before.

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