529872_4710581164816_1554525326_nThanks to everyone who joined us live for this podcast. If you haven’t downloaded one of our live shows before, just a reminder that it’s posted unedited – so you’ll hear exactly what the folks online live did.

Thanks to our DISDads Password players – Team Bacon: Paul Lawson and Will Gregory; and Team Dole Whip: Adam Dale and Jason Mitts. (You’ll have to listen to hear who wins). Thanks to all of the DISDads who joined me on Skype – Nathan Trent, Joe Masters, and Mark Pratt. Apologies if I let anyone out (but hey, at least I didn’t misidentify Don, Tim, or Barry this time, so that’s an improvement)!

Thanks to Joshua Haas for our intro music and Mitch Furman for our closing music. And, as always, thanks to our podcast sponsor Fairytale Journeys, an Authorized Disney Travel Planner.

We’d love to hear from you as well! Email us at podcast@DisDads.com; tweet us at DisDadsPodcast on Twitter; and join in the online discussion of the podcasts on our DISDads Discussion Boards. And now, you can follow along with DISDads on vacation via the DISDads Travelogue. And we’d really appreciate it if you took a moment to leave us a review on iTunes. Recent reviews make it easier for new listeners to find us in an iTunes search.

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