Dads invading 'OhanaSaturday was a big day for the Convention. Not only did we have a great day full of meets at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but we also had a LIVE DISDads Podcast recording on the schedule for that night. And at least three separate groups of guys had booked ‘Ohana ADRs within about a half-hour period. Several of us gathered a little early for a drink at the Tambu Lounge at around 5:30 p.m.

Fire goodMy family joined Barry’s family for dinner. We had a great table, with a nice view of ‘Ohana’s open kitchen. As always, the food was fantastic. I did notice the new passion fruit vinaigrette had replaced the honey-lime dressing. The passion fruit vinaigrette just doesn’t have a strong enough flavor to stand up to the rest of the ‘Ohana meal. But really, the salad and stir fry is just a speed bump in the meal. The chicken wings and dumplings were certainly worth a taste. But the REAL meal starts with the skewers. Sometimes, the meat skewers at ‘Ohana can get a bit dry and/or overcooked. But on that night, everything was excellent – chicken, sirloin, pork I really enjoyed them all. And then, well, then there were the shrimp.

Shrimp WallAs always, the shrimp were fantastic. And Barry and I couldn’t help getting caught up in a bit of a contest. That’s Barry’s shrimp wall pictured there. I will give him credit for having the taller shrimp wall. But you see, he cheats. He reinforces the base of his shrimp wall with chicken bones from the wings that were served earlier. I’m a purist – my shrimp wall was composed solely of shrimp shells. AND I had him beat on the girth of my shrimp wall. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! In any case, between the two of us I think Barry and I may have caused a shrimp fishery crisis in the Gulf.

Coconut raceWhile Barry and I were focused on the crustacean devastation, the kids were loving the ‘Ohana kids’ activities. They all got up to participate in the coconut race. Madison was awesome, helping Mikaela feel included by pushing the wheelchair while Mikaela handled the pushing stick. Barry busted Jonathan at one point tucking his coconut under his arm like a football and racing ahead to catch up to the girls. Evan mostly seemed content to continue his ongoing assault on the potstickers. It would have been nice to relax at the table there for a bit, but I had a live podcast to record over at Old Key West, and I still needed to get back to the room to pick up some equipment!

Live podcast setupI had never been to Old Key West before, but it was conveniently located just down the road from where we were staying at Port Orleans-Riverside. I parked in the main parking lot and called Carl to ask whether there was parking near the DDC Villa. When he said there was not, I gathered my equipment and started walking. And walking. And walking a bit more. It turned out that a) the DDC Villa was at very nearly the opposite end of the resort from where I’d parked; and b) there was parking available right in front of the DDC Villa Building! Oy. Mark and Josh were waiting for me when I got there, and we managed to finish getting set up only a little bit behind schedule.

Doing the live podcast was a blast. (If you haven’t listened to it yet, you really should. I’ve linked to it way back in the first sentence of this post). We had a nice mix of people there in the room at Old Key West and calling in via Skype. I think one of the highlights for me was Nate calling in and taking us along for a live ride on Space Mountain, complete with screaming coaster-mate. Carl, Chris and Scott were fantastic hosts, offer plenty of food and libations. I couldn’t have picked a better way to end a great day than spending that time hanging out with the guys.

Up Next: A Day of Drinking at Epcot – Tequila Flight, Beer Flight, and Tim conquers a Beverly Flight (and then some)

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