DISDadsCircle1400x1400I happened to be reviewing our list of podcast topics a few days ago, and noticed that we don’t do nearly as many trip reports on the podcast as we used to. They tend to run long, and it’s hard to fit them into the context of the other topics that we like to talk about. But talking about trip reports is fun, and listening to other people’s trip reports helps make the time got a bit faster while waiting for your own next trip. I thought to myself, “Self, if we had a sponsor for a Wednesday edition of the show, listening to trip reports would be a great way to get through the midweek doldrums.” And before I gave myself more time to consider the question, I had sent an Email inquiry to a potential sponsor and gotten an enthusiastic acceptance back!

Sooooooooo – beginning Wednesday, April 3 we’ll be releasing a midweek edition of the DISDads Podcast each Wednesday. The Midweek Edition (which will have a better name than that by April 3rd) will focus on first hand trip reports and be filled out with current Walt Disney World news and information.

When we get closer to April 3, I’ll be posting more information about the new sponsor who has agreed to come on board for the midweek show, and announcing the official name for the new show. In the meantime, I’d love your suggestions for names for the show. And if you’re interested in sharing your trip report, please let me know. The trip report segments will be recorded in advance, so even if you’re not normally available to record during our regular podcast recording time, we can probably work something out to record at another time.

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