Disneyland:  May 12, 1956:
The Horseless Carriage begins operating on Main Street, U.S.A.
Walt Disney World:  May 12, 1967:
Florida’s Governor Claude R. Kirk, Jr. signs legislation creating the Reedy Creek Improvement District enabling Walt Disney Productions’ operation of Walt Disney World.  As a result of the new legislation, the cities of Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake are established and Florida taxpayers will not have to spend public money on Disney construction, nor will the Disney company have to rely on state agencies for approval of anything built.  The improvement district has the authority to determine building codes, offer up bonds for sale, provide fire and police departments, even build and operate a nuclear power plant if so desired!   Because the project has so many plans for the property,  the company decides to build it in phases. Phase One will consist of the theme park, two resort hotels tentatively called the “Tempo Bay Resort Hotel” and the “Polynesian Village Resort”.  The theme park and both of hotels will be situated around the large, man-made “Seven Seas Lagoon”, and next to the natural Bay Lake. 
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