5 thoughts to “Monday Poll: What’s your favorite Walt Disney World transportation?”

  1. The monorails are just plain cool. Even though they’ve been around for decades now, they still seem futuristic. And my kids go nuts over them.

  2. I have to agree with Mark – the Monorails are frickin’ cool. However, I guess I’m a bit old school (yeah, I know I’m only 31, but I can still be old school) and had to vote for the WDWRR. There’s just something about the nation-building history of the iron horses, the steam, the bell, etc.

  3. I definitely voted for the Monorail, or old Bandaid or OBA, as our friend chill got us all saying, but I definitely love the various ferrys & Friendship boats as well. It’s kind of a toss-up for me.

  4. are you guys forgetting the wonderful tranportation from main street to cindarella castle! that is the best because its in the park and its taking you directly to the place some only dream of being! I love it becuase it is hokey, old school and my kids think they are in a parade!

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