The Walt Disney Company:  May 9, 2005
Walt’s nephew Roy E. Disney and Stanley Gold, former Board of Directors members, file a lawsuit in Delaware Chancery Court against The Walt Disney Company and several other Board members alleging that the Board made numerous false statements to the shareholders about the on-going CEO search to try and induce shareholders to vote for the incumbant board during the 2005 Annual Meeting.

Walt Disney Studios:  May 9, 1953
Walt Disney’s classic cartoon For Whom the Bulls Toil, starring Goofy is released.   Goofy accidentally outsmarts a bull in the middle of the road while driving through Mexico . The villagers then decide that Goofy would make the perfect matador!


Walt Disney Studios:  May 9, 1941
Walt Disney’s cartoon A Good Time for a Dime, starring Donald Duck is released.  Donald visits a penny arcade where he finds a risque nickelodeon show featuring  Daisy dancing in the show!
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