We took the monorail into Disneyland near the Disneyland Hotel – it was quick, only a few people there waiting, and absolutely no one in our monorail car. We passed over the entrance to both theme parks and it was clear by the neon yellow tape on the ground that the line to get into California Adventure took over the entire esplanade! It actually started near the entrance to Disneyland. But – there was a very small trickle of folks walking into Disneyland.

When we were let off in Tomorrowland from the monorail, there were no waits for the attractions in the area…we grabbed FASTPASSES (not needed) for Space Mountain to come back later, went to visit Merida (about 20 minute wait) and then had breakfast. We also went over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (15 min) and Indiana Jones (25 min) – I had to leave to go do some interviews…

When I entered California Adventure – it was very clear that most everyone was swiftly moving towards Carsland. The entire Buena Vista Street seemed in a trance to move in one direction. I watched for a bit – then walked around HollywoodLand to do my interviews.

There was a merchandise location for exclusive merchandise. I decided to grab some flyers and see how organized things were. The wait time for purchasing merchandise was already over 2 hours long. You get a number, sit in a large room, and once you are called, you head over to one of the 4 rooms to look before you buy. Then you wait to purchase in another line at the end. Wow…I just don’t have that kind of time. 🙂

I finished my work, then headed to Carsland because I had to see how the place was doing – I felt like it was a part of me at this point. WOW!

Disney does do one thing better than anyone – crowd control. There was no shortage of staff today. Several Cast Members were lined up in the middle of Route 66 just to keep the “traffic” flowing. Can anyone do this better?

Here were the wait times at 1:00pm today:

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree was over an hour.
Luigi’s Flying Tires was already at 120 minutes and growing.
Radiator Springs Racers was … ready for this … over 240 minutes!!! Single rider was already over an hour. Fastpasses were gone in the first hour they told me! FIRST HOUR!

The merchandise shops: Radiator Springs Curio’s, Sarge’s Surplus, and Ramone’s Body Art all had lines outside and you had to wait to get in. (flashbacks of the World of Harry Potter came to mind)

The Cozy Cone Motel had lines way out to Route 66 and they also only let so many people in at a time. And I was right – Flo’s V8 Cafe also was full and seating was already at capacity. Folks made a spot for themselves in courtyards, on the rocks, and even on the pavement in some places.

The exit/entrance to the Pacific Wharf area was already BLOCKED with the overflow line from Radiator Springs Racers. It actually stretches past the Pacific Wharf area to the beginning of Paradise Pier…and then turns.

BUT – again, this is all done in Disney-style and they are happy, excited, and definitely keeping folks in good moods. I wonder if they will end up staying open later tonight just to handle the over capacity of lines??

I don’t want to discount Disneyland – because that is such a great park! I am really impressed. The nostalgia is enough to put a smile on your face. And the most exciting thing today so far was watching the Mountain Climbers back on the Matterhorn!

The disappointing part is that they made an announcement after people waited already 2 hours in line that the Matterhorn Bobsleds MAY not open today after all. Sad, but I think they couldn’t find the ON switch this morning. Not one bobsled has sped down that mountain as of this blog post (1:21 p.m. Pacific Time). I am willing to check it out later and wait in line for it – because it’s our favorite ride, too!

Oh – and if I could just get my hands on some of that collectible stuff the media received – today it was all about Buena Vista Street and they each got a small Railcar with cookies shaped like Mickey Heads inside…plus so many other cool things. I am so jealous.

Until tonight – this has been a fantastic journey and I hope y’all had as much fun as I did!

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