Today started at 4:30am (6:30am at home) and a quick shower, change of clothes and I was on my way to find where I needed to go.

I checked in for my schedule and my first interview was at 6:25am. It was interesting to walk through California Adventure when it was still being ‘hosed down’ from the night before. Disney Cast Members were performing their ‘magic’ to get the park in tip-top shape for it’s unveiling tomorrow morning. I arrived in Carsland and WOW – television, radio, and all kinds of bloggers and other media were on hand with their professional equipment, lights, cameras, and ACTION!

Everything was open already for the media except for Radiator Springs Racers. That would open at 8:00am. Every 2 hours starting at 7:00am they were letting in various guests with colored wristbands. I had exclusive access with my Media Badge and it was great.

My family had the first time slot and were admitted in Carsland and California Adventure between 7:00am and 9:00am. This meant they could ride all 3 attractions during those 2 hours only. Then the next color would be allowed in. Most were family of media, then Cast Member guests, celebrities (lots of them) and radio and television and Disney Contest Winners!

When a group gained admittance – they RAN to Radiator Springs Racers first! You know it’s going to be a popular attraction!!! Grab that fastpass FIRST! Then go wait in line for your first ride and hope to ride it later at night for your second time!

I spent the rest of my day doing interviews, but I had a two-hour break conveniently from 7am to 9am! I rode all 3 attractions with my family and we had a BLAST! My son did NOT want to get off of Radiator Springs Racers! It is THAT COOL! (Can you tell from all the posts I’ve made that this is the attraction to ride!)

Most of my interviews are taped, but I did several today that were LIVE. The live interviews are hard to plan for because they are sometimes short between commercial breaks, songs, or other contest information. The recorded ones allow some planning and turn out to be longer. They are fun and I had a great time doing them! My next post I will continue to review all the stuff to do in Carsland…stay tuned…

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