Fillmore’s Taste-In

I took some time to check out the detail of Carsland and WOW – you really are transported right into the movie…

Walking down the street:

On the left, you will find Fillmore’s Taste-In – here you can pick up snacks, fresh fruit, drinks, mister bottles, and more. There are a few kiosks and it’s help yourself. I see some shady benches here as well.

Across from Fillmore, is Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. Let’s move down Route 66…

Sarge’s Surplus Hut

On the right you will find Sarge’s Surplus Hut – here you will find the largest section of “Cars-themed” souvenirs for kids and adults. There is so much to see here, your head literally spins. I’m joking when I say I think the price for everything is like $19.95 plus tax, but it really is. If you purchase more than $40 worth of merchandise, there are special pin sets you can get for an additional $18.95.

Across diagonally from Sarge, you will find the Cozy Cone Motel. Here, everything is themed with cones and you see 5 cones in the back which all have their different items to sell to eat and drink.

Churros Cone

Cone #1 – Churro Bites w/chocolate sauce – my son didn’t really like these, they were a bit on the hard side and the chocolate wasn’t so easy to dip in. Here you can get drinks in the souvenir CONE cup also!

Ice Cream Cones

Cone #2 – Ice cream – not so popular in the morning, but it became popular quickly. The cones looked small to me, but it’s Disney and ice cream, so why not! Here you can get a Route Beer Float!

Cone Queso

Cone #3 – Chili Cone Queso and Chicken Verde…plus drinks. This cone had the LONGEST lines and it moves REALLY slow. But – I know why…I tried the Chicken Verde and you will need a drink to go along with it…spicy! Very tasty chicken in the green salsa verde sauce with some cheese on top. It’s awesome. And you eat the CONE! It’s made of bread. Same goes for the Chili and the chili comes vegetarian too!


Cone #4 – Pretzel Bites w/Cheesy sauce – these are BIG bites of pretzel, and they are crunchy on the outside, and chewy on the inside. This cone NEVER had a line!


Cone #5 – POPCORN and drinks. Right now there are only 2 flavors offered: nacho and dill…but I was really waiting on BACON…Disney said the other flavors weren’t perfected yet, but will be coming soon.

Across from the Cozy Cone Motel is another restaurant: Flo’s V8 Cafe. Here you walk in for counter-service food and it’s very diner-like! The menu looks amazing and I didn’t really try too much, but I heard amazing comments about the Apple-Cheddar pie! Yes, apple + cheddar cheese. I noticed that Disney didn’t put too many seats out for the Cone or Flo’s eateries…and I hate to see what happens when the lines are long, tables and filled, and everyone gets hungry…these are the ONLY 3 locations to grab some grub!

Radiator Springs Curios

Right at the corner you will find two shopping spots diagonal from each other:

Radiator Springs Curios – here you find the PINS, Vinylmations, and tons of other collectibles, plus all kinds of smaller souvenirs. The collection here isn’t really Cars-themed, but you can find a few items.

Ramone’s House of Body Art

Ramone’s House of Body Art – has more of the grown-up feel…clothing and souvenirs a guy would like – this is Disney’s version of a Harley store. It’s all themed to racing and NOT driving slow. Very thoroughly themed, even the shelves for shopping….you’ll have to check them out.

There are tons of places to get great photos – but you MUST come back at night for the full effect, with Neon and other lighting effects. There will be an encounter throughout the day in the Cozy Cone Motel area with Lightning McQueen and Mater, but Disney says that will most likely happen when the crowds die down early in the morning and late at night, but not during the afternoon. Especially NOT this week! So – for now – they are sitting down the road past Ramone’s alongside the Radiator Springs Racers…but their location is not yet permanent. However, if you walk down the opposite direction alongside Luigi’s Flying Tires ride, you will find “Red the Fire Truck” and if it’s HOT outside, you will WANT to be near him as he will be squirting everyone with his fire hose.

If you didn’t know the layout of California Adventure, you can access Carsland from 3 different points: Across from the Blue Sky Cellar (which was used as the preview location before this date), from the Pacific Wharf area, where the NEW Ghiradelli’s Chocolate shop is located, and 2 separate areas from “A Bugs Land” – so it is easily accessible and crowds will filter in all different entrances.

Personal Opinion Here…

I LOVE DISNEY – everything Disney – I must say that up front, but this event shows that there are SO many Cast Members involved, that when you ask a question, you get 3 different answers. I did some investigation and what I wrote in my blogs have been accurate to my knowledge, unless I told you otherwise. In fact – there is an ongoing discussion about how CARSLAND should be spelled..on the NEW MAP that comes out tomorrow – it says “CARS LAND” but if you talk to some Disney Ambassadors and Executives – they will say it’s a misprint and should be ONE WORD: CARSLAND. So – someone may want to do some investigative work on this and get back to me, because here in the heart of California Adventure – it’s not unanimous.

Are you excited yet? If not – check out some of the videos again and just look at that Radiator Springs Racer ride! It’s gonna be the NEW HIT for sure!

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