I began with my family at Disneyland to watch the newest parade, “Mickey’s Soundsational Parade” and it was great!

I had to leave them to go to the Carsland Media Premiere Event – I started by waiting near the new Carthay Circle area…the crowd was so thick and I watched as several celebrities walked down the red carpet at the premiere. We were then ushered into the main drag of Carsland…watched a few performances by the band, singing all kinds of Route 66 hits. Next up was Bob Iger, Tom Staggs, and John Lasseter (whom I actually ran right into later at the party) plus a WHOLE BUNCH of surprise guests.

In fact – every voice from the Cars and Cars 2 movie were there – except Owen Wilson. There were rumors that he was ill tonight, but others said he has a fear of crowds. The amazing part was I met Cheech Marin and Brad Paisley. I have no photos because I was respectful of their privacy since they were with family and friends. Brad Paisley was carrying his son with him.

Walking down Route 66 in Carsland is definitely an experience in itself! Totally makes you feel like you just entered the movie Cars. Since we were there at night, the neon was on and music was playing. I have been to a few other Disney Premiere Parties and this was like the rest of them – tons of food and drink everywhere. I looked everywhere for the bacon popcorn, but all that was served tonight was nacho cheese and dill flavored popcorn. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I took some fun video of the food displays – they are pretty detailed and fun. I rode all three attractions – Radiator Springs Racers TWICE. I had to – it was that much fun! The first time I walked right on. The 2nd ride I waited an hour. But it was worth it.


Radiator Springs Racers – this ride loads fast and vehicles are just like Test Track, but does it put Test Track to shame. There is so much more than just racing at the end, although that is the BEST part. You begin with a leisurely ride through Radiator Springs seeing the sights, music and majestic views. It’s very nice and peaceful. But suddenly, you enter a tunnel and it turns out to be an adventurous ride. You brake right to avoid a collision with Mack the truck, then run two cars off the road as you find Sheriff warning you to slow down. Next up is Mater and he is following you for a short ride through the fields and teaches you how to Tractor Tip…that’s fun, because the big Combine comes after you and you peel out. This is when it gets interesting. You visit the town of Radiator Springs and meet everyone who lives there…then you turn LEFT or RIGHT (you may have to ride more than once to experience both sides) and you will either (LEFT) get new tires or (RIGHT) get a new paint job. Once your upgrade is done, you hear some rules before getting out on the course for a quick race around the track. Then you take off and go SUPER FAST! Watch out for loose items, because you drop, turn, speed up, turn sharp, and everything else you can imagine that keeps you blood pressure up. There is a part where you speed into a tunnel and then back out but can’t really see because of the mist everywhere. I bet the experience during the daylight is different than evening. Once you get close to the end, a photo is taken as you take a drop and then the race is over. One of the cars wins, but as McQueen and Mater tell you – everyone’s a winner, because we made new friends! Just waiting in the queue is fun too – there is so much to see!

FASTPASSes will be distributed near It’s Tough To Be A Bug, but the entrance to “a bug’s land,” which is on the way to Carsland from Buena Vista street. They’re expected to be gone before noon everyday. There is also a Single Rider line. (Thanks to stopher for the correction on the FP distribution location).

Luigi’s Tires – this ride loads very slow, you receive some lessons while in the line waiting and once on board – 2-3 people per tire are allowed – the air starts up and you lean together left, right, forward or back. It’s pretty simple and fun, but takes so long to board and get off – the wait times are going to be atrocious.

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree – this is fun…pretty quick and has a lot of room for people to load quickly. It is like an old-fashioned ‘scrambler’ ride at a local amusement park or fair. BUT – you can really make your car swing out faster by leaning into the turn. I am not one for spinning rides, but this one didn’t make me dizzy…it was definitely a thumbs-up!

Other that the attractions – there are gift shops, food stations, and several other photo opportunities. More to come on this crazy adventure!!!

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