I got an Email today from our Group Sales person, with the rates for our group-blocked rooms for the Convention. We have rooms blocked at All-Star Movies, Port Orleans-Riverside, and Wilderness Lodge. While they’re not as low as I’d hoped, the rates we’re working with are all less than the same room at rack rates during Marathon Weekend this past year (and it looks like resort room rates will be increasing somewhere between 4% and 7% this year for ordinary bookings). Wilderness Lodge, in particular, is being offered to us at a remarkable discount. Here are our rates, which are available from at least January 7 through January 17, 2013 (Group Sales has indicated that they would evaluate requests to extend the rate for longer than that on a case-by-case basis):

All-Star Movies – $96.05/night (add $10/person/night for each adult beyond two registered in the room)

Port Orleans-Riverside – $178.54/night (+$15/person/night for additional adults)

Wilderness Lodge – $262.13/night (+20/person/night for additional adults)

All of those prices are for standard rooms and include applicable taxes.

We have a limited number of rooms blocked out at each resort at these rates. For comparison’s sake, last year’s rack rate at Wilderness Lodge during Marathon Weekend was $350 night! (And that was before taxes)!

We are still awaiting pricing on group tickets and dining plans, but those can be added after rooms are booked. Any special group-rate pricing will only be available in conjunction with a room that is booked as part of the group. (As far as I can tell, group rate tickets in past years have been at about a 10%-15% discount, as compared to regular rates for the same ticket).

To book your room, please contact a Fairytale Journeys by DISDads travel agent.

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