The Walt Disney Company:  May 6, 1940
Walt Disney Studios completes a move into new quarters in Burbank, California.
Walt Disney World:  May 6, 1969:
In Yucatan, Mexico, imagineers Roger Broggie and Earl Vilmer, find and purchase five train engines that will be rebuilt and used for the Walt Disney World Railroad at the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s new Florida theme park.
Walt Disney World:  May 6, 1988
At EPCOT Center, NORWAY, the second new World Showcase pavilion to be added to the original roster opens.  The pavillion combines the four primary architectural styles found throughout Norway:  Oslo, Bergen, Setesdal and Alesund.  A recreation of a Viking Stave Church is found at the entrance to the pavilion, and a full-scale Viking longboat moored at the water’s edge.  It includes the Fjording and Puffin’s Roost shops, Kringla Bakeri og Kafe a quick service style restaurant, as well as the full-service Restaurant Akershus which features traditional Nordic fare inside a recreation of the famed medieval castle in Oslo bearing the same name.   The pavilion also features the second ride-based attraction in the World Showcase, Maelstrom.  This adventure is the first water-based ride to turn guests around and go backwards, and takes guests through fanciful scenes of Norway’s colorful Viking past, through mythic troll forests and into in the modern age of off-shore oil drilling, a large part of Norway’s current economy.  Following the ride, guests enjoy a 5 minute travelogue film all about Norway and its’ people.
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