You know the drill. Your comment needs to include both the park and a general description of the location of the bathroom pictured. 1st correct comment gets 5 points. Each correct comment thereafter earns 1 point. Comments for this round close when the next round begins.

And just as a reminder, this is what you’re playing for:

  • A non-Disney t-shirt, courtesy of Dave Zerfass (As Dave says, “for the people who may not know, I work for a HVAC and plumbing supply company. It’s a 30-year year love affair with toilets. Laugh if you will, but selling toilets paid for all my trips over the last 30 years!”)
  • A $25 gift certificate to the winner’s choice of Kimonos, Todd English’s bluezoo, or Shula’s Steakhouse (all located at the WDW Swan & Dolphin resorts)
  • Blu-Ray + DVD combo packs of the Disneynature films Earth and African Cats
  • A coffee mug
  • A “Beverly: Why wash your kid’s mouth out with perfectly good soap?” bumper sticker
  • A banner pin
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