What’s your most favorite Disney memory?

We all know that Disney is the place where family memories are made.  With that in mind, take a few minutes and share your favorite Disney memory.  Did you propose to your sweetie on Small World?  Did a cast member create a magical moment that you’ll always remember?  Let’s here all about it!  I’ll start with two of mine.

My first trip to WDW was when I was in May, 1978 when I was 6 years old.  My grandparents took my mom and I down and I so many good memories were made on that trip.  As I look back, one of my fondest was the Wedway People Mover (now the TTA).  My grandfather was a draftsman for Jeffery Mining and Manufacturing and designed conveyor belts for mines.  I remember us getting to the People Mover and riding the Goodyear conveyor belt up the incline to the boarding area of the ride.  It was such a fun memory of watching my grandfather ride something that was very similar to what he designed for a living, albeit on a very small scale.

Fun memory number two would be my son’s first trip nearly four years ago.  We had been to all of the parks and were on our second day in the Magic Kingdom.  There we stood in the archway between Liberty Town and Fantasyland.  The park wasn’t very crowded so we asked our kid what ride he wanted to ride again and he took off running down the midway (good thing we had a longer stride so he wasn’t far from us).  With video camera in hand we watched him run in a zigzag line, first heading towards Peter Pan, then Small World, then back to Peter Pan, then the carousel.  He finally saw what he was searching so hard for…. DUMBO!!!  He ran right into the queue line, turned around and gave us such a big smile.  He was one happy Mouseketeer!

So what are some of your favorite Disney memories?

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  1. So this moment falls in the category of the Magic of Disney.

    First some background. In December of 2008 our youngest daughter was admitted to Children’s Hospital in Chicago suffering from Kidney failure. She had to have dialysis and was literally days away from being placed on the transplant list. She was 15 months old at the time. (Fast forward to today, she’s much better and acts like a normal 2.5 year old) My wife, Erika, basically checked into the hospital with Megan for what ended up being close to 5 weeks on and off between December 08 and February 09. As anyone who’s spent anytime in a hospital knows, the nurses are what really keep the place ticking. So during Megan’s stay, Erika got to know some of the nurses fairly well. One nurse, Erin, was her favorite as she always brought in copies of the test results directly to Erika as soon as they were available. (we are numbers people)

    So, after Megan is released and starting to recover, we decided that we needed to take the family to WDW for a little R&R. Besides this was the year of celebrations and we had a couple of functioning kidneys to celebrate. So we pack up the van and point south. (Eastbound and down…) On our first day at the World we decide to head to MK for the day. This was the last day of Jersey Week so the park was very busy. We decided that instead of sticking around MK, we would hop over to EPCOT for the evening and just enjoy walking around. As we get through the gates, a CM asks about Megan’s shirt (Erika had a shirt made with a Mickey head and the words “Celebrating My Kidneys”) The CM was so nice and she asked if we had been at WDW long (nope this was Day 1). She pulls out a FP and hands it to Erika and said this is good for any one ride you choose in EPCOT. The last time we were in WDW Erika wanted to go on Soarin’ with Mary (our oldest) but at the time Mary was still too short, so of course we head straight for Soarin’. Erika, Mary and Shannon (middle DD) all head into the ride while I wait with Megan in the Land. As Meg is running around saying Hi to anyone who will listen (she’s very outgoing) I hear this woman say “Megan is that you?”. Sure enough, it was her nurse Erin (1200 miles from home). Erin was in the Orlando area with her fiance for a wedding of one of his friends and they had an extra day, so they decided to hit EPCOT for 1 day. (ONE DAY!!!!!!) All I can say is that only the magic of Disney (OK, there is one higher power, but nobody is going to trump Him) could facilitate this meeting of Megan and her nurse 1200 miles and 9 months apart from all of the issues that they went through together.

    So I know it was a bit long winded, but it was a great experience.

  2. We were planning our second trip to Disney world in the fall of 2004 BC. (“Before Children”) It was to be just myself, my wife Bambi, and her parents for a week in December. At the same time, we were completing our foster parent licensing classes. We no sooner had our license when they call us to say they have a Safe Haven newborn that needs a foster home. (Under Wisconsin – and many other states – law, you can take a newborn baby, up to 72 hours old, to any police station, fire station, or hospital and surrender them, no questions asked). Through a series of very rare and very fortunate events, we got the call. Since she was a Safe Haven case, there was almost no chance she would be given back to the birth family, so we immediately applied to be an adoptive resource for the little girl we named Madison. We called the airline, hotel, and Disney and added one infant to our reservations.
    Madison was 7 weeks old when she first went to Disney World. It was a challenge, but totally worth it.
    Spin forward a few days, and we’re in Epcot’s France pavilion. There is a small courtyard off behind the buildings to the right. It was fairly isolated and quiet – a nice place to sit and rest with Madison. We were there only a few minutes when Belle and Beast around from a backstage door. Belle walked directly up to me, gently took Madison from my arms and sat down with her. She talked and coo’d with her, while Beast sat next to then and gently pet Madison’s head with his big, fuzzy paw.
    From then on, we got a picture of Madison with every Princess. She doesn’t remember any of this, but we sure do. And she loves looking at the pictures of herself as a tiny little baby with all of her Princess friends.

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