Top 5 Tuesdays are back, with this somewhat snarky list from DISDad David Juart:

Happy Tuesday! As Disney Enthusiasts, we know that once we’re on property, we change. We deal with things differently. I mean, it’s vacation at one of the happiest places on Earth after all. It’s a “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” kind of Dad-itude (see what I did there?) where we let the little things roll off our backs like water off a duck (skipped the obvious pun). Things like strict bed times, seconds for dessert, unknowingly loud people next to you, and in the case of this list, exorbitant wait times for tables to eat some not-so-thrilling food. The kind of waits that if it were some chain restaurant at home, you’d skip it and opt for pizza. But it’s Disney, so you don’t mind. Well, it’s not that you don’t mind, you just ignore your internal annoyed-ometer.

5) Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant
So I’ve heard the menu changed for the better in Nov ‘11, but as of my most recent visit last July, the food was mediocre at best. Even with a reservation we waited nearly 20 minutes for our car/table. It was worth it, though. Just this week my daughter asked me if I remembered sitting in the “race car and eating dinner while watching movies”. Yes, G, I do. This is by far one of my favorite experiences at WDW, and is a must-do every trip.

4) Rose and Crown Dining Room
C’mon, this one’s about the beer. No one waits that long for fish and chips when the exact same meal is available around the corner for a fraction of the cost. I’m not knocking the joint, really. It’s a lot of fun, especially later in the evening. It’s why it draws a crowd, and that’s why we have to wait, Bass Ale in hand.

3) Liberty Tree Tavern
Question: why does Magic Kingdom only have 1.5 good table service options? (Cinderella’s Royal Table counts as a half because you really can’t walk up to it, but another day, another topic). Every time I’ve eaten at Liberty Tree Tavern, and I’ve done so a lot, we’ve always had to wait, reservation or not. I don’t really have any qualms with the food, per se. There are just better options to partake of while on property, it’s just that none of them happen to be in the Magic Kingdom. ‘Ohana is only a Monorail ride away, though.

2) Chef Mickey’s Breakfast
Yes, it’s the only breakfast with the Fab Five, and in their chef’s coats no less. Yes it has a fantastic setting in the Grand Concourse of Disney’s Contemporary Resort. And, yes, even while having to book 180 days in advance and STILL having to wait for a table once you arrive, you’ll end up suffering through the pedestrian buffet food time and time again. You know, for the kids.

1) Donald’s Safari Breakfast at Tusker House
This was insufferable. It’s a double wait. You first wait for your name to be called, but it’s only a ploy. There is no table for you around that corner. There’s just another 20 minutes of waiting in line to take a picture with Donald that they will shamelessly attempt to sell to you for $30. Pro Tip: We watched a family ask to skip the picture, at the time thinking they were Debbie Downer wet blankets. Turns out they were the smartest people in the park that day. The only redeeming quality of this experience is the opportunity to dine on some African/Indian/Asian inspired dishes, which were quite tasty.

(Dis)Honorable Mentions

Cinderella’s Royal Table
Another double wait type deal. Though the food gets knocked, I actually enjoyed my meal at lunch this past trip, and at least the picture is included in the price of admission.

Aloha Isle
Just kidding! I’d wait all trip for a Dole Whip. 🙂

Tony’s Town Square
I said mediocre food, not bad food. Otherwise this would be numero uno.

The Garden Grill
I don’t know whether it was the unnecessary wait, the slow rotation of the restaurant, it being our 6th Character Dining experience of the trip, or (doubtfully) the food. But I walked off this centrifugal gastronomic torture device and was happy to set my feet on solid ground inside The Land.

So, that’s my list. Don’t forget to tell us what you think! Leave a comment, hit us up on Twitter @DisDadsPodcast, or tweet me directly to tell me how wrong I am @dpjuart

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