1. Have you been considering buying one of these cool DISDads.com banner mugs? If so, head on over to our store and use coupon code MUGSNBOTTLES to receive 50% off on your mug purchase. The code is only good today until 4 p.m. Pacific Time.

2. It’s good to know that I’m not the only DISDad who’s addicted to the Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers game on Facebook. Disney bought the game’s developer, Playdom, almost two years ago. But this game, and the also recently released Marvel Avengers Alliance (also a Facebook game) are really the first game releases from Playdom that are so closely tied to Disney properties. I really enjoy playing the Animal Kingdom game with my 5-year-old son. He sits next to me and “helps” with the object finding games and helps choose where to place animals, plants, terrain and objects on the preserve. We have fun, and he even learns a little something about some interesting animals along the way. Come on by and join me, Brian, Carl, Christian, Darcy, Ian, James, Mark, Ryan, Steve – and any other I haven’t already found in the game as we help each other develop our online nature preserves.

3. Congratulations to our intrepid podcast Producer, Joshua Haas, on his college graduation!

4. As I first posted on Sunday, the DISDads Podcast listener line is open again, and we’re especially hoping to receive some calls from the children of DISDads, sharing something about what makes their dad a Disney Dad. You can use the “Call Me” button in the right-hand column of this site to initiate a call, dial us directly at (816) 348-3939, or even just record the message on your own computer and Email a .wav or .mp3 audio file to podcast@disdads.com.

5. Don’t forget to watch tomorrow afternoon/evening for the first round of “Zerf’s WDW Restroom Contest” to post. If you want to be sure to get a notification when a new round of the contest opens, just follow @DisDadsPodcast on Twitter, as I’ll be tweeting each post right after it goes up. This contest features the biggest prize package we’ve ever offered here at DISDads.com, with an estimated retail value of about $150.

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