Our own Dave Zerfass, a/k/a dvczerfs, has spent more than a year of his life in Walt Disney World on vacations, so he’s developed a unique perspective on what constitutes an “attraction.” And DISDads.com has decided to partner with Dave to sponsor “Zerf’s WDW Restroom Contest.” I’ll let Dave explain, in his own words, from over on the DISDads message boards (text translated for those not conversant in Zerfonics):
“Let me explain. Back some 20-odd years ago, my wife and I would come home from yet another trip to WDW. We would show all our friends and family the photos we had taken. Then, one year, after sitting in front of yet another restroom waiting for my wife to come out, I took a photo of the restroom. When the film got developed (yes, I’m old. I said “film”) there were a few pictures of restrooms. People asked why. I said that I figured I would take pictures of where I spent my vacation, waiting for someone to come out of the restrooms!!!!”

“Over the years, my family and I have had pictures taken in front of every restroom on property! Last October, I was texting with another dad and I sent him a photo and asked, where am i? I have to admit, he was good!!!! So, this trip I decided to run a contest.”

I thought this was a great idea, and offered to combine resources to open the contest up to a wider audience. So here’s the scoop:

Contest Rules
1. Each day of Dave’s trip, he will send me a photo of a restroom (outside door or sign area) which will be posted as a new blog post here.
2. You enter the contest by commenting on the post, identifying the restroom in the photo by park and location in the park (For example: Magic Kingdom, near Dumbo)
3. The first correct answer gets the poster of the comment 5 points. Each subsequent correct answer earns the poster 1 point. Comments to each post will be closed when the next photo is posted. (Note: Initial comments are moderated on this blog, so your comment may not appear immediately. However, the system still stores when the comment was made. “First” will be determined by submission time, not by when the comment was moderated).
4. The first post should go up on the evening of Saturday, May 12th. The final post should go up on Saturday, May 19th and comments will close 24 hours after it is posted. It may take a few days to tabulate results, but we’ll notify the winner by Saturday, May 26th (probably sooner). The winner will be notified at the Email address submitted with his or her comments. If the winner does not reply to the notification Email within 48 hours, we reserve the right to award the prize to the next-highest finisher.

And so, you’re probably asking, what is the prize we’re playing for? Only the largest prize package ever offered in a DISDads.com contest, that’s all. The prize package will include:

  • A non-Disney t-shirt, courtesy of Dave Zerfass (As Dave says, “for the people who may not know, I work for a HVAC and plumbing supply company. It’s a 30-year year love affair with toilets. Laugh if you will, but selling toilets paid for all my trips over the last 30 years!”)
  • A $25 Restaurant.com gift certificate to the winner’s choice of Kimonos, Todd English’s bluezoo, or Shula’s Steakhouse (all located at the WDW Swan & Dolphin resorts)
  • Blu-Ray + DVD combo packs of the Disneynature films Earth and African Cats
  • A DISDads.com coffee mug
  • A DISDads.com “Beverly: Why wash your kid’s mouth out with perfectly good soap?” bumper sticker
  • A DISDads.com banner pin

No purchase necessary to play. Remember, using the same Email address for all of your answers will make it MUCH easier to correctly calculate your score. No recourse for scoring errors – we’ll do our best, but we’re not Pricewaterhouse. And finally, good luck! We’re all counting on you.

Here’s a sample of what will be posted for identification:

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